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2021-07-11 - 11:41

Why You should not use pirated software?

Awa Fadhil

Crack is a small program or file to get a program or service and a specific product that is not available for free. 

Through Crack, you can obtain a password for a paid account for free, or permission to use a service, some of the common types of paid products that are widely used in Kurdistan, the Windows Operating System, and the Microsoft Office Product Set. 

It is true that you will not pay any money when using the cracked product, but it is like a honey trap and you should not use the bought product, especially in government companies and organizations. 


Who makes a Crack? You may have heard the common answer is that hackers are making cracks, but often the Crack is created by a team of professionals that may be used by governments for spying purposes, or to obtain your secret and confidential data such as your passports and passwords or may be used to steal money. 



Why shouldn't you use bought products? 

-Protection and Security: You do not know where the Cracked program came from and what they made, so by using crack, it can cause damage to your system, including any virus or harmful program, when you are turning off your firewall and antivirus to install the Cracked program, which is like turning off your home cameras by your own hands and after the thieves sneaked in, you start complaining about that you were stolen. 


-Illegal: Crack means using something you didn't pay! This is considered a theft in law, and if you are arrested, you must pay a high tax, especially for companies and government agencies, which will cost millions of dollars, or you may be temporarily or permanently get banned from using the products and services and this will cause you much more damage.


-Immorality: If we look at it morally and ethically, it is immoral to use something without the consent of its owner and we can look at it as a theft. 


-Update: Using a cracked version of the product and service, you will be deprived of many program features, including the program's online features, for example in Adobe programs such as the creative cloud, another point is that you will not receive any updates or new features from that product, which may cause you major problems. 


-Support: Another point is that you cannot contact the product support team when any problem occurs to suggest you solutions to resolve your problem.