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2023-01-08 - 11:24

Size doesn't matter to cybercriminals

Hawre Kamal

More and more, the victims of cybercrime aren't always big businesses, most of the time they’re SMEs.

If you’re an SME, there’s a real and present danger of cyber-attack. More than half of all attacks on businesses are against SMEs.
What makes that figure alarming is many SMEs aren’t ready. While big businesses have always taken cyber security very seriously, the measures taken by SMEs are often piecemeal, incomplete, or just out of date.

There is a clear need for a cost-effective solution that puts SMEs in the strongest possible position to ward off the cyber threats we see today. The solution needs to be easy to install and simple to manage. SMEs don’t have the financial resources of big business or the luxury of large IT departments. They need a solution that sorts out security right away, and once and for all. They don’t want to have to keep revisiting the issue of security, they have far too many other pressing things to do.

Two key business trends make it even more important for SMEs to review their security today. One is digital transformation. As SMEs move their data to the cloud, it becomes potentially more vulnerable to cyber-attack. There is no perimeter to defend anymore and a cloud-based approach to security is now essential.

The other trend is remote working, which can often reveal vulnerabilities in your security approach. Nowadays you need to be 100% sure that everyone is working securely wherever they are and whatever device they’re using. Cyber criminals love remote working. They know companies are only as safe as their weakest link. If a member of your staff is working away from the office and not paying attention to security issues, hygiene, cybercriminals will take advantage.

The consequences of a security breach can be devastating to SMEs. A big business can usually weather the storm, but the financial impact of breaches can be fatal to smaller businesses. There is also the important issue of trust. If you have a security breach, it is likely to affect your customers’ data as well as your own. Before you know it, you can suddenly find yourself facing costly legal action which can interrupt and potentially end your business activities.

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