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Acronis Cyber Disaster Recovery

Acronis Disaster recovery

A Cyber Disaster recovery is a solution that provides you an emergency time service that enables your systems to function at the time of disasters happening which helps the continuity of your organization’s systems and applications to stay in production without data loss.

When having disaster recovery as a service add on from Acronis, It provides you Failover to a pre-configured compute points in Acronis cloud that in case your systems or programs fail for any reason the service will Automatically or manually connect your systems to their equivalents on the cloud compute points so that the process continues without any interruptions or data loss while maintaining the normal process of the programs and systems until the primary server is back online and then the process goes back to normal procedures all Managed through one Centralized management Console.

The Disaster recovery Add-on is a service that’s Added to Existing Acronis Backup and the billing calculation is calculated as follow:

To be noted is that the cost of the Compute points are not calculated when Disaster recovery is not used, they are only calculated when your current environment fails which results in only paying for the Backup part plus the Public IP Address.



There’s Many types of Compute points according to the requirements of your workload which each cost differently and have different specifications as follow:

Also there are many options to be added to your Disaster recovery procedure for Example if you want certain tasks to be done before or after the Disaster recovery process to start you can configure a Runbook that executes your commands before or after starting the Disaster recovery process which is a very useful feature to automate simple tasks.

From the Technical perspective there are two types of Disaster recovery as follow: