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website development

With over 14 years of experience and over 500 successful website production will make us a great option to design and develop a custom website.



Unlike places where they stick to older tools that are more familiar to them, Web designers at Avesta Group push the boundaries by using the latest versions available in the market, like; HTML5, CSS3, and Telerik controls and widgets.
Avesta Company also uses ASP.NET Core and ASP.NET 4.5 as a web development platform, which is the best in the industry with support for multiple programming languages. Most competitors use PHP which is restricted in terms of languages and less intuitive in regard to actual development process. The same is true for the database. Avesta Group uses Azure SQL Database and SQL Server with much more capabilities than MySQL or SQL Lite, used by some folks.


2. Custom Web Development not CMS

  • WCMS targets a wide range of customers from very small to larger scale implementations. For this reason the layouts and services that are used in smaller websites have stacks of unused codes behind the scenes that can slow down the site loading

  • Another way that Extra or purposeless codes can harm your website is through increasing the hosting work load, which means the cost for hosting will be more.

  • SEO or Search Engine Optimization is another feature that is considered to be a strength point for websites made with WCMS, but this can also affect the latency and even the security of the website.

  • Supporting Arabic language and the issue of alignment and direction of the text is a continuous trouble in most of the websites made with WCMS.

  • Websites made using CMS are vulnerable to enormous number of attacks so much so that continual patches are released to fix the breaches in the security. In fact, there are programs specifically made in order to automatically detect and attack any WCM


Good collaboration results in great work. Your participation from start to end is crucial to Avesta Group. Our website development professionals recognize and rely on your feedback by providing still and complete mock up designs of your website to understand your needs and challenges.


For Avesta Group the end is the beginning since this is a long-term journey and we don't stop supporting you. Avesta Group provides training and one year of free support after finalizing the development of the website.