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About Us

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Business Description

Avesta Company helps to implement digital transformation to their clients and brings businesses the most advanced technology solutions. It lets firms overcome every obstacle that slows the business progress. Avesta provides the required technology solutions to guarantee the most efficient working experience in business environments. The services provided by Avesta company are comprehensive and covers various aspect, such as providing hardware, software, Application development, help-desk support, and cloud services. Therefore, you can find all IT solutions in one station.

History of the company

In 2007, while the world was undergoing a massive technology transformation and companies globally trying to depend on IT to boost business processes, Iraq lacked the necessary professional skills to keep up with those radical changes. During that developing time, as a small group of friends, we realized the significance of the IT market, and we established Avesta as a technology company in the region. Avesta started small as a website development company, yet our vision was big. Avesta Company had a significant impact in spreading technology awareness by providing the local organizations essential information about the effectiveness of the technology. Avesta Company started to educate youth in different IT and non-IT backgrounds to provide the Iraqi market experts with enough awareness of the IT market's fundamental changes. In the past years, Avesta reached a milestone to be one of the leading firms to provide technology services in the region. Currently, Avesta has highly skilled employees who take part in hardware, software, and cloud services. Avesta now has local and global partners; proudly, it is one of the main IT services providers in the region.

Mission Statement

To provide IT services, technical assistance and consultation for the purpose of long term commercial benefits of Avesta and our clients.

Vision Statement

Being an IT service provider within a global scale and competing for service quality with the industry globally.


Avesta company specializes in helping small and midsize businesses to solve their business issues and make better decisions through the effective use of technology. We help businesses gain a competitive advantage through more efficiency, faster performance, and better security. Let us manage your IT complexities to help you focus on your core business.