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Corporate Social Responsibility

We believe that the private sector should have a significant role in acting in the interest of the whole society. We, as Avesta Company, have tried to bring this theory into practice at a very high level. Providing internship programs to fresh graduates, participating in fund-raising campaigns, sponsoring social and intellectual programs, providing volunteers for education programs are bright signs in our social responsibility portfolio programs. Our activities under the social responsibility paradigm have covered various groups in society without any distinction. The following are some of our proud duties regarding serving different groups in society.

Internship Programs

Academic information is not sufficient enough to prepare students for the market. Freshly graduated people need to practice what they learned during their academic educations. This is why every year, we provide internship programs to fresh graduates to familiarize them with real market job experience. We have proudly offered internship programs for various students.


Under the paradigm of mutual benefits, we have always tried to concentrate our support to help startups and firms serve an aspect within the society. Sponsoring startup events, boot camps, hackathons, etc., are bright shares in our sponsorship activities. Followings are a few of our sponsorship activities:

Providing a Website for Governorate Council as a donation

Sponsoring Rwanga Job Fair Al-Furas

Sponsoring House of Code event

Donation for Technology Festival at University Of Sulaimany

Sponsoring HackSuly Event 2018


We have always considered human resources as the most value-driving force in the business environment. However, we value sharing this resource with other parties that need it to benefit society. Therefore, our staff has always been prepared to contribute their skills to make the world a better place. Avesta company conducted several volunteering acts for the community.