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2022-06-29 - 07:05

How to buy Windows 11 & Windows 10 license?

Hawre Kamal

Windows is a most popular operating system in the world, of course, if you know a little about technology, you heard that name, Windows have many versions and editions so maybe many of users get confused about which Edition of Windows is right for them, so in this article we will discuss the different types of Windows and how we can license Windows, beside mentioning the most used & illegal ways used for getting Windows.  

How many Editions of Windows are there?

How to get original Windows?

The illegal and most common ways used to get Windows

Another point to note is that we are often told that your prices are too high and that genuine Windows is available in the market and other websites for just $15. you should know that these Windows are not genuine and most of them stop working after a while. you can check the Microsoft website and compare the prices. How can a product that itself costs $190 sold for $15? Unless it’s stolen or not original!

Microsoft doesn't sell anything called Windows stickers or CDs, but now everything is done digitally and via email. To make sure you buy the original Windows, it's best to contact Microsoft partners who are authorized to sell Microsoft products.

PS: Windows prices with Microsoft partners are 5% to 15% lower than the official Microsoft site depending on the number of licenses requested.