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2021-10-07 - 08:24

12th grade students got their grades successfully and without problems and delays

Hawre Kamal

Just as last year (2020), Avesta was able to successfully manage the website, and it was the first time that the website had failed to stop and a slowdown in many years and all participating students received their grades in a short time. The Ministry of Education later awarded Avesta an honorary award for the the success of the whole process, while in previous years the website was constantly slowing down even stopped for hours, leaving students in a bad mental state waiting for their grades.

Also, this year (2021) the Ministry of Education has put its trust in Avesta Group to provide students a similar experience as last year. It is worth mentioning that this year Avesta voluntarily and on its duty managed the website because one of the company's most important principles is our social responsibilities. For this purpose, the Avesta team has devised a stronger plan to manage the website.

The Avesta team developed and hosted the website on Microsoft’s cloud known as Microsoft Azure, and have been able to provide students with a better experience than last year by taking advantage of the Microsoft Azure services.

The website was hosted on two web servers, each consisting of 224 core processors, as well as using two Azure SQL Servers, each consisting of 80 core processors. Also, the web app ram contained 896 GB for each web server and 408 GB for each SQL Server. See the detail in this infographic below.

- By using load balancer technique, they distributed website visitors and traffic to the two web servers, each capable of expanding if the number of visitors was excessive.

- Using WAF (Web Application Firewall) to prevent a range of attacks such as XSS, SQL Injection, Cookie Poisoning.

- And by using the cutting-edge and most efficient coding techniques, we were able to provide students with the experience they deserve.

Within the first half hour, 146,000 people visited the website and more than 115,000 were on the website at the same time without slowing down.

The Minister of Education, Dr. Alan Hama-Saeed also mentioned our company's role in the process of publishing the 12th-grade student results and Avesta's volunteering efforts. You can listen to all of his speech about Avesta's role in the process and the performance of the Azmwnakan’s website.


You can watch timelapse of visitors in the first 20 minutes after publishing.