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2021-08-18 - 01:16

Why companies are moving to the cloud?

Hawre Kamal

Cloud Migration has been one of the most important technological trends of the past few years. Especially after the arrival of Covid-19 and the Announcement of Quarantine, people were no longer able to get to work properly and had to work at home, so Cloud was the option that businesses and companies had to adopt for enabling remote working for employees.

While many small businesses were slow to adopt cloud services, 94% of enterprises and large companies were already using cloud services to reduce costs, simplify processes and speed up software and programs. But after Covid-19, Also small and middle-sized businesses started to adopt cloud services as full migration or as a hybrid environment.

Cloud Migration is the process of transferring the application and other technological processes to a cloud environment, and this environment can be Hybrid, that means some of the processed might be in the cloud and some might be in the on-premises servers.

This process for small businesses is only transferring data and apps from their local server to the cloud. Using the local server and hardware is one of the challenges facing small businesses because the cost of buying may be high, the cost of repairing and upgrading might be high But with the cloud you won't have these costs, on the other hand, when you transfer your data to the cloud, you will pay according to the usage(pay-as-you-go), which will save you a lot of costs.

According to Microsoft, %59 of small businesses that have turned to the cloud have increased production and gained significant productivity benefits, while costs have dropped by %82.

The benefits of migrating to the cloud:

- Reduce costs and more predictable costs.
- Simplify processes and make it easier to use.
- Installing a working environment for a much less time, you can install all your organization's services in just a few hours.
- More efficient connectivity and accessibility, you can access your data and software at any time, location, or device.
- Reduce risks and eliminate the fear of data loss.
- Increased protection and security.
- Increase efficiency, improving performance, collaboration and team working.

The cloud is not only about data storage, but also about communication and assistance. In the cloud, a specific company provides technology services and infrastructure, and in return, businesses can benefit from these services via the Internet and by paying a specific fee, which means you can use hardware, software, and data in the cloud.

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