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2020-06-11 - 11:47

Exclusive deal: Get windows 10 pro for $39.99 (That's 80% off retail)

We PC users aren’t happy that Microsoft still charges for its operating systems. Yet charge they do, so you may as well spend as little money as possible. How about $39.99 for Windows 10 Professional? That’s an 80-percent discount off this version’s full MSRP, and it’s available for the month of June in the PCWorld Software Store. 

This offer is for a Microsoft-licensed retail version of Windows 10 Pro, and not an OEM version. PCWorld’s partner, Mediamart, is able to secure great discounts by going directly to software vendors and publishers, buying licenses in bulk, and then working with safe, secure brands (like PCWorld) to sell the software directly to consumers. Please note this deal is for an unlimited lifetime license for a single PC.

Of course, not everyone actually needs Windows 10 Professional—we explain all the details in “Who needs Windows 10 Pro: 5 reasons to upgrade.” But you will want to make the leap from the Home to the Pro version if you need the following features: