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2022-09-19 - 07:34

Figma is now part of the Adobe in a deal worth $20 billion

In recent years, Figma has been seen as a big name and rival to Adobe XD in UI/UX design, but on September 15, this rivalry ended with Adobe buying Figma for $20 billion.

The new ownership will allow Adobe to consider Figma as one of its platforms, but Figma CEO Dylan Field said Figma will continue as it is and has no intention of changing its subscription plans. This means that Figma will not be part of Creative Cloud and its prices will not change.

By buying Figma, Adobe got rid of a big competitor and brought it under its wing, leaving no visible competitor to compete with Adobe's vast empire. The earliest changes may occur first on Adobe's own side, as it has recently completely discontinued its investment in Adobe XD, which operates in the same field as Figma. Therefore, XD users may be transferred to Figma in the future.

Adobe has a long history of buying competitors' tools, such as, which worked in video production. Or like Behance, which designers use to showcase and publish their work. Even Photoshop was bought this way. Adobe announced that together with Figma will reimagine the future of creativity and productivity, accelerate creativity on the web, advance product design, and inspire global communities of designers and developers.

Figma has been founded ten years ago by Dylan Field and Evan Wallace and used by most businesses in recent years, especially at Microsoft. Thousands of designers and developers use Figma every day and this acquisition of Figma will strengthen the relationship between Adobe and Microsoft.

Figma's attention was completely focused on the web. The aspect where Adobe and other competitors could not offer their services like Figma, and now Figma wants to take advantage of Adobe’s expertise in 3D, video, images, and fonts to improve its web services.