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2022-04-12 - 09:21

Microsoft Azure solutions will be used in the space

As part of its efforts to expand its focus toward space, Microsoft has developed a platform for on-orbit compute so that spaceships running AI workloads can be connected to the hyperscale Azure cloud.

If you thought Microsoft's various cloud endeavors were useful down here on the ground, you don't know the half of it; the company's blasting off Team Rocket-style to bring the power of Azure and AI to the stars.

Microsoft is bringing new partnerships and capabilities to the development community, including:

Microsoft's also helping up the quality of satellite imagery with AI, working with Thales Alenia Space on "Earth Observation sensors" to help process climate data, and partnering with Loft Orbital to cook up new Azure-based apps for space systems. If you want a deep dive into Microsoft's activities, go check out its posts that explore the deeper aspects of the current projects, but otherwise, just know that while other cloud services say the sky's the limit, Microsoft seems keen to take its products as far out as possible.

source:, Microsoft Blogs.