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Dell EMC Storage for Microsoft SQL Server and Optimized Storage for your Microsoft Data Estate.

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Consolidate all Microsoft SQL Server Workloads.

Elevate the overall availability, performance, security, data protection, and agility of all Microsoft SQL Server versions—all while reducing the overall datacenter footprint.

Up to



Up to


Lower Latency

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Data reduction3

Microsoft has enabled SQL Server to gather insights on data where it sits…
but where it sits is critical to the success of your deployment.

Start gaining insights on your data faster.

Big Data Clusters are deployed via Linux based containers, managed by Kubernetes. To reduce the complexity, Dell Technologies has created best practices and scripted assistance via Ansible and Kubespray.

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The storage portfolio for all Microsoft SQL Server environments.

Apps ON

Run Microsoft SQL Server directly on storage appliance

Always rightsized

Scale up and out while independently scaling compute and storage

Any workload

An architecture for traditional and cloud native workloads

All versions

Consolidate all Microsoft SQL versions for faster insights