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Motorola Solutions

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Avesta company is authorized Motorola partner in Middle East/Iraq

Nothing beats push-to-talk (PTT) when you need a quick response. Whether you are looking for a voice-only radio solution or one that will interface with multiple processes Motorola Solutions’ DMR digital hand portable two-way radios are feature-rich communication devices that will fit your organizations communication needs.

Avesta Company will deliver the right two-way radio device into the right hands so that your entire operation can be connected in a safe and seamless manner and your operations run as smoothly and safely as possible – regardless of how diverse or dispersed your employees are, if they work in noisy or quiet environments.

Move from Analog to digital easily. Migrate and switch to digital mode. one talk group or department at a time. MOTOTRB0 radios operate in both analog and digital mode, so you can use them on your existing legacy system and move to digital when you’re ready – all while running operations smoothly.

What Solutions Motorola provide?

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Motorola solutions keep first responders connected in the moments that matter.