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Web Application Development

Parallel to the advances in technology, Avesta provides web-based applications and databases for its customers, which is today's most advanced solution. These databases allow users to input data from various locations by using their Internet Browser, and all this data will be saved on a central database in the cloud.

Avesta’s web application development addresses a wide range of business needs. Avesta builds customized applications to have different features for different business needs.


Characteristics of Our Web Applications

  • Our web applications are customized, thus allowing growth and expansion

  • They are easy, efficient and intuitive to use, even for novice users

  • Our web applications are deployed on-time and they are cost-effective

  • Support for the Complete Application Life Cycle

  • Once the application has been deployed, Avesta’s team remain available to support you after the launch, and resolve the probable issues.


Web App development technologies

Some of the technologies we use for developing web applications are:

Languages: C# and VB.NE

Databases: Latest version of SQL Server

Framework: Latest version of


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