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Onsite and Remote Support

Protect1_Onsite-150x150 2.pngYou can outsource your IT department to Avesta Group and have our experts as a part of your team. Dedicated IT staff can be provided to work at your premises. Or you can add our support to assist your current IT staff at certain fields of expertise.

Avesta Group provides many Models of support, and the clients can select one type of support or a combination of them. The models included are scheduled regular visits, placed dedicated staff, urgent visits, phone support, online chat support, and remote desktop.

We also have another methodology that give the users ability to place their requests and inquiries efficiently. With this methodology Avesta Group can follow up on the issues according to their priority.

Avesta Group also allows the clients to have a secure feeling when their problems escalate, and it does so by an audit system that lets the clients disuss the quality of the service they recieved and if they were up to their expectations.

To learn more about our support services, please visit the IT Help Desk section above.