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Our Team

Information Technology is a broad field, hence it requires teamwork to become a successful player in the market. Unlike some folks in the region, Avesta Group tends to divide and assign the tasks in to groups that are each specialized in the related field.

Our employees signify the work-force of our company. Skillfulness, talent, and knowledgeability are the key strengths of employees at Avesta Group. Our team holds limitless potential to growth. We are serious to identify self-starters with diverse experience and skill sets to produce not just an effective workforce, but a well-rounded, talented and complementary team. 

We understand that in order to be productive, a team should have healthy relationships among its members, and that is the case with the people at Avesta Group. We provide plenty of benefits for our employees and well-being of them both inside and outside of the office.

Avesta Group staff hold many certifications from Microsoft that are backed by their real world success and experience. To see the certifications achieved by Avesta Group's members, please click here.

Below you can find the image of each member of Avesta Group team. 

  • Yad K. Rashid

  • Amanj A. Ali

    Chief Commercial Officer
  • Zanest Jamal

    Chief Operating Officer
  • Blend Nawras

  • Surkew Hama Karim

    Web Designer
  • Bryar Burhan

  • Niga Atta

    Technical Sales Supervisor
  • Sharo Karwan

    Technical Sales Specialist
  • Vinos Sarhad

    Web Designer
  • Shwan Ismail

    IT Supervisor
  • Mukri A. Mohammed

    Senior Developer
  • Bakhtiar Saeed

    Finance Manager
  • Wria Hassan

    Web Designer
  • Ary Ahmed

    Support Manager
  • Zheno O. Fatah

    Hosting Administrator
  • Yadgar M. Majeed

    Office Assistant
  • Hawkar Atta

  • Rebin Qadir

    Application Developer
  • Karwan Omer

    Technical Support Specialist
  • Dawar Fuad

  • Azher Taimur

    Web Designer