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Customers using Microsoft cloud services

At Avesta we are proud to be the trusted Microsoft partner in the region to provide Microsoft Azure and Office 365 services. Below are some of the clients which are enjoying the capabilities of Microsoft cloud that Avesta introduced and provided to them.

Microsoft Azure clients


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Office 365 clients





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"In the good moments and difficult ones, Azure has been our companion. So much so that even at the election campaigns we were always up and running covering the latest and most crucial news at speed." Zanko Ahmed, Share Press Deputy Editor-in-Chief



"At NRT the powerful voice of people is backed by the powerful service of Azure. It’s obvious what would be the results, the number one website in the country." Towan Osman, Chairman of Nalia Media Corporation




"Backed by Microsoft Azure, our business has been performing so well that we were able to see and seek new opportunities like never before." Karmand Abbas , Millet  Press Editor in Chief



"At Bahar group we use Office 365 for email. Office 365 has more to offer than just email and it excels at what it does. Our migration from Gmail for Work was easy and it didn't require much to learn from our employees. With Gmail we had limited storage capabilities and we had to pay more for the service. We are happy with Office 365 as a premium email client and look forward to using more of its robust components as we realize the need for them" Dler Taha, HR &Admin Senior Section Head at Bahar Group