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  • Azure Solutions We Provide

    Among the common Azure solutions that Avesta group provides are Azure WebApp, Azure Virtual Machine, Azure SQL, Azure Storage, Azure Media, Azure Backup, and integration of Azure services.

    You can also visit the official Azure page to learn more about Azure and all of its benefits.

    Azure WebApp

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    We have solutions for all of website hosting using Microsoft Azure, including advanced and high traffic websites, e-commerce websites, and Media websites.
    Website Deployment, configuration, maintenance, 24/7 monitoring and support.
    Providing effective solution for Ddos attack and other kind of attack on websites using most powerful firewall inside Microsoft Azure.
    We have solutions for different development technologies and CMSs, PHP, Java, Word press, Joomla, Drupal
    Hosting more than 200 websites on Microsoft Azure including top 3 websites according to number of visitors over Iraq according to Alexa ranking

    Azure Virtual Machine

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    Providing Azure Virtual machines, deployment, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 support.
    Providing hybrid solutions by connecting Azure VM and on premises servers using VPN.
    We can configure virtual network in Azure and connecting several VM to work as your own data center.
    Providing High availability load balancing solution using availability set.
    Providing VM with Non Microsoft Operating system such as Linux.
    We are hosting more than 20 VM including VM for hosting Iraqi Presidency, KRG Ministry of Electricity. 

    Azure SQL

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    Providing Azure SQL using both Paas and IaaS solutions, deployment, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 support.
    Providing High availability using Geo-Replication.
    We can configure Database mirroring, and replications over several Azure data centers
    We are serving more than 70 business with SQL solutions including UNHCR.

    Azure Storage

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    Providing Azure different type of Storage (Blob, Page, and Queue) , deployment, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 support. which can be used for storing files and non relational data.
    Configuring Azure Storage to work with VM and Web app.

    Azure Media

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    Providing Azure Media Services, Audio streaming, live video streaming and on demand video streaming.
    We provide deployment, configuration, maintenance, monitoring and 24/7 support.
    Providing CDN based streaming to minimize the bandwidth usage.
    We are serving Azure media services to several establishment including NRT TV and Kurdistan24 TV.

    Azure Backup

  • Azure Backup.pngProviding Azure backup to on premises server and PCs. Backup will be stored on Azure blob storage.



    Integration of several Azure services

    We can provide advanced solutions by integrating several Azure component to produce comprehensive solution.