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IT Services for Oil and Gas Companies

One of the main specialties of Avesta Group is providing IT infrastructure, including IT support, consultancy and other services to oil and gas companies. Avesta provides onsite expertise and support at rigs, production areas, camps, and offices by highly skilled IT and communication engineers. Our featured industry results, make us ideal to help you realize your potential in this fast moving and dynamic industry.

Our knowledge and expertise benefit you to hit the ground and adapt to whatever changes comming along.


Why Avesta Group

- Working several years with highly reputed oil and gas companies gave us a good experience. From these experiences we know all the nuts and bolts of working at rig sites and oil fields.

- Our staff has attended several safety trainings for oil and gas companies, along with using safety costumes and tools. 

- As a registered IT company in the Ministry of Natural Resources, we are permitted to work in oil and gas industry.

- As an information technology and consultancy company we will provide almost all IT services needed in oil and gas industries.