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Providing hardware 

Avesta Group provides and deploys equipment from the top manufacturers in the industry. We deliver products and resources from globally recognized companies like Cisco, HP, APC, and others to empower our customers and ensure maximum performance. we will be able to provide any kind of hardware that meets the requirements of the client. We even affiliate with other hardware providers to facilitate the needs of our clients. 

These are examples of equipments made available and deployed by Avesta Group:

- Routers/switches
- Firewalls
- Servers
- Wireless Access Points and controller
- Printers, scanners
- UPS units






Providing Software

Avesta has a silver competency in providing, deploying, configuring and customizing all Microsoft software and services. We have a direct relationship with Microsoft distributors, and partners in Lebanon, Egypt, and Jordon for providing Microsoft software and giving the best Microsoft solutions to fulfill our clients’ needs.