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Network intallation for Oil & Gas industries

We pride ourselves on designing advanced high performance networks for demanding mission critical applications.  Our networks run industrial process control systems that require maximum uptime for the safe and productive operation of the plant. Our team has several years of experience in designing and implementing networks for oil and gas industries. For more information click here.

Network & Application Performance Management

Energy companies face difficult network operations and security challenges.  These companies might be geographically diverse, highly segmented environments that includes a number of remote offices and mobile field engineers. Diverse offices and different personnel have different needs and patterns of network behaviors. As a result, traditional network management and security solutions do not operate easily in these environments. Furthermore, they are expensive and difficult to manage.  As these enterprise organizations streamline networking technologies to bring efficiency to business operations, they face critical management challenges. Avesta will help:

• Assure timely repair of outages – scheduled and unplanned.

• Maintain high availability.

• Providing decent internet connection in remote area.

• Troubleshoot and monitoring network and application response time issues

• Support recovery and business continuity plans.

We can provide the Service Assurance Solution to provide fully integrated intelligent early warning, network and application performance monitoring, optimization and planning that enable IT organizations to more effectively deliver the time-sensitive details regarding energy generation and transmission necessary to maintain high service availability to all customers.