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Onsite support and troubleshooting

You can outsource your IT department to Avesta Group and have our experts as a part of your team. Dedicated IT staff can be provided to work at your premises. 


You can add our support to assist your current IT staff at certain fields of expertise.


Models of support

Clients can select one type of support or combination of the preferred supports:

Scheduled regular visits Daily, once per week, twice per week as required by the client for checking systems, and making backups.
Placing dedicated staff A dedicated staff will be working on customers premises to cover their needs.
Urgent visit If your query needs to be dealt with immediately, you can contact our helpdesk, and they will be onsite in less than an hour.
Phone support 24/7 phone support
Online Chat support Questions and some minor problems can be solved through online chat support during working hours.
Remote Desktop Our IT specialists can access your compuyter remotely (with your permission), and assist you in solving your problem.



Once clients contact our helpdesk, their call will be added to our system. The team will initially look at the problem, assess its priority level (see the priority level below) and then decide whether they are able to deal with it. If the problems are not urgent, they will be inlisted of the next regular visit, otherwise the team will be onsite to solve the problem.

If they are unable to resolve the issue, it will immediately be escalated to a senior member of staff and/or third party support.

All these supports will be added to our helpdesk system and will be reported back to the client on a monthly base.

If at any time the clients feel that their case has not been correctly prioritized, or is not being dealt with properly, they can contact Technical Manager for sending detail report on the case or appoint a meeting to discuss the issue.


We Support:

  • Onsite support and troubleshooting
  • WAN/LAN/VPN Design, Analysis and Implementation
  • Server Installation and Support
  • Routers/Switches/Firewall Installation and Support
  • Wireless Networks
  • Remote Office Solutions
  • Voice/Data/VOIP Integration and Installation
  • Network infrastructure design; Upgrades, Management, Optimization.


Help Desk Support Team

Information technology consists of several branches and each branch has its own specialty. Therefore, a single person cannot manage to provide IT support successfuly and thoroughly (even if claiming so). For maintaining an IT system a staff will be needed to provide complete support. The staff consists of qualified network engineers, system administrators, and software engineers, satellite V-Sat specialists, cabling specialists. Avesta provides speciic IT teams to maintain IT systems based on the needs of the job at hand to let your business flow smoothly. 

Avesta also dedicates an IT person to work at the customer’s premises to take immediate actions for any technical troubleshooting. Expert staff will be backing the person, and together they ensure that the job gets done.