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Avesta Group's CCO is at CeBIT 2013 conference

Our Chief Commercial Officer visited Germany to participate in CeBIT Conference, which is part of the biggest exhibition of its kind in the world.


Running over a five-day period in Hanover, Germany, the CeBIT Global Conferences (CGC) are staged congruently with the CeBIT exhibition. The conferences are dedicated to providing a 360° overview of the digital industry’s four core markets: IT, Telecommunications, Digital Media and Consumer Electronics. Noted industry figures and researchers from across the globe are invited to speak on the latest relevant trends and innovations as well as their impact on society and the working world. The conference is divided up into keynote speeches, talks and panel discussions. The CGC conferences are produced by Deutsche Messe AG, with the German BITKOM association acting as the CGC patron since 2009.

Christian Illek, the new German chief of Microsoft declared that outsourcing storage capacity into so-called external clouds becomes more and more commercially important. This was under the CeBIT's theme of this year, 2013, which was "shareconomy," a growing trend among users to share not only digital data on the Internet, but also organize sharing models for material products such as cars, lawn mowers or apartments.

To veiw pictures from the conference, please click here.