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Avesta Group participates in Microsoft's World Wide Partner Conference 2015

Avesta Group was the only company from the whole Iraq that participated in Microsoft's World Wide Partner Conference for the year 2015. At the coference Avesta Group was honored the Country Partner award of 2015 in Iraq. 


In a very short period of time (roughly six months) after the announcement and launch of Microsoft Azure in the region, Avesta Group was able to migrate all of its clients that counted more than 200 (at that time) to Microsoft managed cloud services.

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference is Microsoft's largest event for its partners. This year the conference has attracted more than 15,000 attendees from over 140 countries. No other conference brings together so many of the leaders and visionaries in the Microsoft partner ecosystem. WPC provides an incredible opportunity for Microsoft to drive business growth, network to discover new opportunities, and pursue strategic partnerships. At WPC, the leaders and visionaries of the IT industry are coming together to spur innovation and growth.

To see pictures from the conference, please click here.