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Avesta's gold competencies have grown more than three folds

Every year Microsoft evaluates its partners sales activities, and gives them competencies accordingly. This year Avesta's gold competencies have grown more than three folds. This demonstrates the success Avesta has achieved in the past year, despite the unstable situation in the region and the financial crisis which brought most businesses on to their knees.

The number of Avesta's gold competencies were 2 competencies in FY15, now they are 7. This combined with 2 more silver competencies totals at 9 competencies.

If you don't know what is a Microsoft competency and what does it mean for Microsoft's partners, we have a special blog about that "What is Microsoft competency?"

Microsoft cloud is perfect for new starters and emerging markets. That is because new firms need the same technology and IT infrastructure that already existing markets use. So the cloud is the best choice for them as they don’t have to buy hardware and build data centers. This is good for them as they may not have enough capital in place or may not want to risk overspending in an area with political and financial instability.

The fact that number of Avesta's clients in the region have grown proves this fact. Avesta now provides Microsoft cloud services to 18 Media companies, including the top three website in Iraq (According to Alexa's ranking list of most visited websites). Clients in other fields like education, organization, industries, and others have been growing in the same pace. See some more of our customers using Microsoft Cloud

Last year Avesta was chosen as country partner of the year by Microsoft, and we can only assume it will happen again this year.