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2021-07-11 - 09:40

How to license Windows 10

Rawand Jabar

 Windows 10 is a most popular operating system in the world, of course, if you know a little about technology, you heard that name, cause of Windows 10 have many versions and edition so maybe many of users get confused about which Edition of Windows 10 is proper for them, so in this article we will discuss the different types of Windows and how we can license them, beside mentioning the most used & illegal ways used for accessing them.  

How many Editions Windows Does 10 have? 

 -Windows 10 Home: prefer by regular persons or users who do not need an advanced feature. The version is suitable for users whose system is used to search the Internet and use Email and simple tasks or other simple tasks. 

-Windows 10 Pro: suitable for users who need to perform some more complex tasks on their systems, whether it's business management or anything else, So Windows 10 pro will be a good option for them with more security. The price of this version is $ 199.

- Windows 10 Enterprise: For managing businesses and large institutions, especially places with many users, includes the most attributes for organizing and managing projects. 

How many ways to get windows 10 original?

OEM This way is for laptops and devices that are new and unused; for example, when you buy a laptop OEM Windows is installed on it by the provider, Windows will start living on that device and die, which means you cannot install it the same windows on another device. Only Windows 10 Home is available in this way.   

Microsoft website Another way to get Windows is through its official Microsoft website, and there is also only Home and Pro Windows available here.

Volume Licensing Agreement 
This way is only available through Microsoft formal partners, which is suitable for large and small companies and organizations when many Licenses must be bought together, and the price falls below them as they purchase all licenses separately. In this way, Windows 10 Pro and Enterprise are available, and it's the only way to get Windows 10 Enterprise.   

The illegal and common ways to get Windows 10 

-Crack: One of the common ways to get Windows in Kurdistan is to use a Cracked version of Windows, which is one of the illegal ways that can make organizations and companies face major legal problems. It can make a big problem for the users on the security side, and some  features don't work. To find out why you should not use Cracked Windows, read this article

-OEM: The Original Equipment Manager is sometimes used illegally. Some Middle East companies that make laptops sell windows separately than the device to make more money. Still, it is illegal because OEM windows should not be sold separately from the original machine. This type of Window is high in the markets of Iraq and Kurdistan.

-Sticker: Another illegal way is to obtain a License Key through Sticker License Key, which is illegally created and sold in market shops, which may work for a certain period and then be disabled. Microsoft does not create or sell any stickers, so we must avoid them.