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Company Profile

Business Description
Avesta Group specializes in helping small and midsized businesses solve their business issues and make better decisions through effective use of technology. We help businesses gain competitive advantage by being more efficient, faster, and more secure. Let us manage your complexities to let you focus on your core business. 

Avesta Group has several business lines: software, hardware, development, web design, help-desk support, professional services and cloud service.

History of the company

Avesta Group was incorporated in 2007 by some experienced individuals. Avesta Group was formed in order to cater the needs of the KRG region of Iraq in the field of Information technology. In the inception of business, the main objective of Avesta Group was to develop the websites when it founded “with a big vision”. The founders of the Avesta group promoted awareness about the Information Technology among people of Iraq through training sessions and workshops. Because Information Technology was a new concept in Iraq in 2007, therefore Avesta group was the only company to lead the market along with its IT experts. With the passage of time, scope of the company expanded and it found the urge for a bigger staff with new goals. Now, Avesta is a company with 25 highly skilled professionals offering their services in the KRG region and Iraq with a vision to expand globally. Avesta Group has made it very easy for the companies to refine their processes through the use of Information Technology.

Vision Statement

Community empowerment through digital transformation and building modern workforce.

Mission Statement
To provide IT services, technical assistance and consultation for the purpose of long term commercial benefits of our clients.

Key Value of the Company

Personnel: Knowledgeable and detail-oriented project-managers will be ready to work on your project, best and brightest designers, professional developers, brilliant System Administrators, Server specialist, and Desktop helpdesk support, all are ready to serve your business.   
Experience: More than continuous 7 years experience in IT field, dozens of successful implemented projects, working with well reputed clients, are ensuring that you work with a well experienced company.
Support: Excellent customer support services and grantee of our products


Primary Company Detail

Company legal name Avesta Company for information technology and communication Ltd.
Registration Number 4727-02
Registration place General Directorate of Company Registration – KRG
Year Founded 26/03/2007

Slemani: Office #11, 4th Floor, Ran Gallery, Salim Street, Sulaimaniya, Iraq

Hawler: Office #10, 12nd floor,MRF towers, 100m Street

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